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Nog steeds onmisbaar!!

Total Commander

Total Commander My main tool on Windows
Opens all files (F3), copies (F5), zips / unzips
Changes names of files ( shiftF6) or starts in DOS mode ( shift enter)
Opens (with F4) notepad ( or for me: Acehtml ) for changing files and therefore I do part of the HTML editing from here. Even ftp-functions! (very easy comparing sites with the ones on the server)

Those who deplore disappearance with Windows 95 of the old Norton Commander, here it is back, a 64bit Windows version for Windows 10 done by:
Christian Ghisler
Nog steeds onmisbaar


Onmisbaar voor internationaal bellen

Skype Internet telephony (and see who is online): for internet telephony
(with Spontania-plugin)

For a relative small fee: Phone with Skype-out to every telephone in the world

Bijna verdwenen:


See whom of your friends is online and communicate directly.
Not in use anymore, since there is Skype, a pity, it was a nice programm.
(New is ICQ 5 lite)


Or what do you think of Trillian?
It can connect you at the same time to:
ICO, MSN, AIM, Yahoo and IRC (the sounds are better too)

Werkt nog steeds, maar events bijgewerkt tot 2003

The actual overall internet traffic on this moment:

(Click to see graphs for each continent)

The Internet Traffic Report monitors the flow of data around the world.
It then displays a value between zero and 100.
Higher values indicate faster and more reliable connections.

Werkt nog steeds, heel praktisch:

Naviscope , webbrowsing utility
Useful? You can see what is loading, that is the point, (by interposing a proxy: HTTP manual proxy set to, port 81). stop loading individual images, blocking advertisements, blocking cookies, etc is possible.

Maar nergens meer te vinden Ja, toch nog:

Shoutcast Find (or configure your own!) radio station (with the shoutcast server)
Je hebt er wel winamp als afspeel-app voor nodig: (en dan de .pls extensie koppelen aan winamp)

Of zie de geweldige 'Worldwide Radio' extension voor firefox:

Toch weer verkrijgbaar:

World Time Zones. CLOX
Nice set of world clocks,

3D flags

Disapeared ($4,95 or a link)

Maar misschien hiermee:

Links to programs I had on the pc in 2004

 (Alleen naar wat nu nog bestaat is een link)
All Screen-shots are made with Printscreen Deluxe