A collection of music instruments

I started with a recorder-flute when I was 10, soon followed by a piano at 12 years. The first half year I practised on the piano in the house of a neighbouring old lady of 90 years. Had lessons till I was 18. More instruments I did not learn to play.
But somewhere around are these instruments:

The old recorder,
A piano brand G.Klingmann & Co, Berlin, about 1900
A klarinet from around 1800 or shortly after, at least before 1830, with 6 valves, color light brown.
A broken Stradivarius violin, build in 1734 according to the label, but experts say its a fraud, maybe they are right. It was broken anyway.
The last two I discovered on the attic of my grandmother's home, when I was a child.
A Napoli accordeon
Further more I sometimes play at a piano build by Alexander Bataille, eleve d'Erard 1880
or a Canadian harmonium, (a small house-organ) brand 'Bell' with "Mouse-proof-pedal" (with that text engraved in the pedals),
Most times I played on our beautiful Rippen piano, but now much more on the last, recently acquired:
a 1926 Gotrian-Steinweg grandpiano.
Then near the pc a cheap keyboard, for printing music through the pc.

But after all: the best instument is the voice.

Klingman piano

Napoli acordeon

And I was here!( in the chorus, when I was student):